4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For A Baby's Nursery

Posted on: 6 May 2016

One of the more exciting things to plan during a pregnancy is the nursery for a baby's arrival. When creating a nursery, you want to have an environment that is safe for the child and provides a space that the baby can grow up and thrive in. As a busy parent, you also want the room to have features and designs that make it easier to raise the child. During your first steps of nursery planning, there are four electrical upgrades you can implement for the room. By working with an electrician, you can have each of these upgrades installed and ready to go before the baby arrives.

Light Dimmer Switches

Instead of having complete darkness or bright and vivid lights, you can get complete control of the lights with the installation of a dimmer switch. As you're putting a baby to sleep, a dimmer switch allows you to set low light settings and still have enough illumination to read books or navigate around the room. The dimmer switch allows you to slowly fade the lights down or up without startling the baby through sudden changes. Dimmer switches can be installed for the main nursery ceiling lights, along with small lamps. In some cases, you can even have a remote connection so you can control the light settings without having to get up or move around the room.

Radiant Floor Heating

As your baby goes through different stages, the child will start to roll over, crawl, and eventually walk. Completing this process can be uncomfortable on a cold floor. An electrician has the ability to install radiant floor heating panels throughout the nursery. When you're laying the baby down on the floor to play, interact, or even change a diaper, their body can be more comfortable when the floor is heated and adds extra warmth. Radiant floor heating can be installed on the base layer of the floor and then covered with concrete or wood paneling. Different temperatures can be set so that it is comfortable for your baby to rest on without being too hot. The flooring is ideal for use in winter months and during cooler mornings or nights.

USB Port Outlets

In today's society, there are a number of gadgets that parents rely on to take care of their baby. A number of these gadgets charge or operate using USB cables. You can have easy access to USB ports with USB outlet installations placed throughout the baby nursery. The installation of these outlets allows you to easily plug in devices like baby video monitors, interactive baby toys, or small gadgets like a USB-powered fan. Once the layout of the room is determined, you can have the outlets installed near areas like dressers or closets. This will give you easy access to the ports without needing to stretch cords across to different areas of the nursery.

Built-In Wall Speakers

Music and noise can be a big part of a baby's development. Have full control and access to the sounds emitted to a nursery with the installation of built-in wall speakers. Not only can these speakers prevent a baby from pulling down portable speakers or sound equipment, but it allows you to control music and sound from another room without disturbing the baby. During the first months of a baby's life, one of the main things the speakers can be used for is white noise. White noise can reduce stress and help a baby sleep through the night. Along with white noise settings, you can play music during the day or through naps. When you're interacting with the baby, playing music through the speakers is a great way to bond and increase learning.

Before you start painting or moving in furniture, it's a good idea to consult with an electrician about the various upgrades. This will help make the various installations easier to complete without too much clutter. For more information, contact a local electrician with a company like PRO-FX Services Inc in Calgary